Feather Play

Feather Play

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Arcadia Reveal!

What a FUN day!

We spent 6 months making 
the blocks for Arcadia Avenue.

We spent 6 months watching each other 
complete blocks, 
each looking SO very different!

We spent 6 months
solving problems,
sharing successes,
and getting to know each other!

it is only fitting we should 
get together and show our completed top or quilt!

Zoom in on this picture...
The background of this quilt is polka dots
and pulls in each color in the blocks!

This quilt is similar to my original.,.
but the colors in the blocks are a little different. 
It SO cheerful!

LOOK at this!!!
She wanted to make her quilt larger!
So, 4 blocks were repeated,
and sashing was added between the rows!
This is now like 89x100ish!

The only Arcadia quilt quilted and completed!
Don't you just love these colors!!!
This quilts seems to dance...and I personally LOVE it!

Isn't it amazing how different each of these quilts are!?
These blocks are really showcased by the background!

Here is my original Arcadia!

And here is the sampler I made for class.
Only 6 blocks were completed...
And I used a totally different color scheme!
Pink and Orange!
Each block has a different Pink and Orange! 
I'll get the rest of the boarders on
and complete this.
I'm thinking of quilting this one Modern!

This is a FUN project!
It was SO FUN to see everyone's
Arcadia come to life
with it's OWN personality!

Class was a BLAST!
Thank you Ladies!
For letting me be part of your  project!

Sew the pieces of life together!
They make a BEAUTIFUL quilt!


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Accuquilt Take 5 die quilt

Accuquilt Take 5 die quilt

Last week I showed you the pictures of the quilt 
I cut out with this new Take 5 die
I just ordered.

From each fabric you get 
1 - 8.5" square
1 - 8.5" x 4.5" rectangle
3 - 4.5" squares

These are the 12 fabrics I'm starting with.

I added the 4.5" quarter square triangle die,
and the 1.5" half square triangle die 
(but I don't have enough of these 1.5" to use!)

Since the Take 5 die cuts everything completely,
I made the 4.5" quarter square triangles first.

Now all the pieces can be put together
any way you choose!

Here are most of the blocks...
There are a few not photographed.

I got 18 blocks total.
I need 20 blocks!
I'll have to see if I can find more 
of any of these fabrics.
They were purchased last year...
but I do have the salvage edges.

I love how this quilt looks SO
much more complicated than it really is!

You'll see more when it gets all put together!
(Have to find more fabric first.)

Have fun using your die cutter!

sew the pieces of life together!
They make a BEAUTIFUL quilt!


Thursday, July 7, 2016

My new favorite

Falling more in love with my 
Accuquilt Studio die cutter everyday!

I just purchased a new Studio die

Take 5 - #50223

This finishes as a 12" block

I took 12 fat quarters,
divided them in 2 sets of 6 layers,
(even though I can cut 8 layers at once!)

What do you get per fabric cut of each fabric?
1 - 8 1/2" square
1 - 8 1/2" x 4 1/2" rectangle
3 - 4 1/2" squares

there's enough left to cut 
ONE more of the 8 1/2" x 4 1/2" rectangle.

There's so much more you can cut 
with the left over fabrics!

Since this die finishes 12" square,
I used die #50365
Quarter Square - 4" finished triangles.
(3 of these will make a 12" strip.)

This 4" finished block will also replace the
 4" finished block on the Take 5 die,
so this gives more options in design!

there's still little scraps left...
We can cut those too!!!

Using die #50771
Half Squares - 1 1/2" finished.
(8 of these make a 12" strip.)

These little 1 1/2" squares can be
 added in as little rows between the big blocks
for interest.

Here are the cuts from those 2 dies.

These are the 12 fat quarters used for
 this quilt for my daughter.
She's going to be so excited!

I used this die the other day 
to make a baby quilt.
It took 15 minutes to cut out!
2 hours to sew blocks!
1 1/2 hours to lay out and sew top together!

This is 7 fat quarters
36" x 44"
(I might add a 3" boarder...)

I LOVE how the die cuts are 
SO accurate and speed up the sewing process!
No trimming!
No guess work!
No cutting dog ears!

I'll post the progress of making this quilt...

Sew the pieces of life together..
They make a BEAUTIFUL quilt!


Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Ice Dying!

Look what my Art Group did!!!


THIS is FUN!!!!

We each brought our own fabric,
some brought scraps,
some brought yardage,
some brought a little,
some brought a lot.

We each brought our own containers,
We shared the expense of the dies,
We ALL had Amazing fabrics!!!

All the dye colors lined up and labeled...

Fabric in, ice on, dies on top, sealed and ready for travel home!

My purple ice died fabric!

My blue ice died fabric!

My red/pink ice died fabric!
Isn't this COOL?
ALL I did was pinch up the middle,
twist it around,
lay it in the tray, ice, and dye.

My other red/pink fabric...
One of these was reds with a little yellow,
the other one was pinks with a little yellow.
I can't tell the difference now!

This fabric was folded before it was put in the tray...

I need to come up with a project
or quilt to make with all these fabulous fabrics!

Ice dying was LOADS of fun!!!
SUPER simple!!!
You should try it!!!!

Sew the pieces of life together!
They make a BEAUTIFUL quilt!


Sorry I've been absent!

I'm a care taker for my Dad.
For those of you out there who are care takers....
I pray for you!!!
For those of you who don't know this world...
It's TOTAL sacrifice of self!
Pray for those you know,
and don't know,
who are care takers!
Better yet,
take one to lunch, 
bring her dinner, 
bring her a treat,
and always give her a loving hug!

I'm having to put my Dad into a nursing home,
which means touring them, (time!)
and I'm having to file for his Medicaid.
This is a LOT of work!!!

listen to this ONE thing....
go see an 
If your parents are still young,
Medicaid goes back 5 years right now,
(they are campaigning for 7).
You still have time to protect their assets 
they've worked so hard for all their lives!
Your parents want YOU to have it!!!
NOT the Government!!!
put your stuff in order with the 

I can't tell you how important this is!
My husband and I will be doing this soon!!!
We DON'T want our kids to go through 
what we've been through these past 4 years!!!


Do this for YOU!!!!

Thanks for listening...

Happy quilting!!!


Sunday, May 15, 2016

Paducha 2016!

Paducah Quilt Show 2016!


This was my first time EVER!

What a FUN experience!

AMAZING quilts!

WONDERFUL vendors!

I was EXCITED!!!

Paducah is a BEAUTIFUL quaint little town!!!

It was GREAT FUN being in Paducah!!!
I was there to help a friend of mine who was a vendor.

She hand dies ALL this fabric!
COTTON fabric,
BAMBOO fabric,
RAYON fabric,
RADIANCE fabric,
Wide backs,
Bed sheet sets...


We were in the Dome...
a really cool structure!
This is the inside of it...

And here is her booth ALL set up!

Rayon, Bamboo, Silk, wide backs!
Just think of ALL the beautiful clothes
you could make with these fabrics!

Oh, the quilts that await!
I have made some beautiful quilts with this cotton fabric!!!

Here are some tops made from the Rayon, Bamboo, and Cotton.


I'm not a knitter, but these yarns are well thought out,
The color changes are not too short, 
this way you actually get some of the color as each change.  
If it's too short, it ends up looking like confetti.

We had a FUN week!

Quilters are an AMAZING group of people!!!

Look for us next year!
In the Bubble, or Dome.
Center isle, toward the back.

Sew the pieces of life together!
They make a BEAUTIFUL quilt!

Nina Clotfelter

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Here Fishy, Fishy!

This was SO much FUN!!!

I was in Abita Springs, Lousiana
teaching at
Sew This! quilt shop.
This is a GREAT quilt shop!
If you live within an hour or 2,
it's WELL worth the drive!
Sew This! quit shop is full of sweet ladies who work there!

Sew This! is a Bernina dealer and they have 
the Q20 just sitting there on the floor.
I couldn't resist it!
I HAD to take a test run!

There was this crazy fishy just calling my name!
So, I put a small purple boarder,
and larger stripped boarder..
Started quilting away!

This Bernin Q20 is AMAZING!
Now, let me tell you ...
I only own an older Bernina 1260.
Not a newer fancy Bernina.
  I do not have a stitch regulator for my 1260,
so I'm not accustom to a stitch regulator. 
I used the MANUAL mode on the Bernina  Q20!
(Even though there are 3 built in stitch regulators!)

(Close up of whole fish)

See how I just followed the lines?
This was simply FUN and mindless!!

This edge was also an area where the design was followed.

The blue background simply called for water...you think?
So I combined water with circles for a fun water effect!

Since Sew This! was going to take this to a quilt show for a sample,
the owner told me to sign it.
Can you see it in the purple boarder?

I also wrote what machine and mode this was quilting on.

I know it doesn't show very well,
but I'm okay with that.
That way the shop can use it as a good sample
without my name being over powering.

Here's and IDEA...
This is also a great way to practice on your free motion quilting!
We ALL have fabric in our stash we wonder...
"Why did I buy this?"
Take that fabric,
sandwich it up,
Follow the designs on the fabric to learn control
and just relax and have fun with the practice!

 Sew the pieces of life together!
They make a BEAUTIFUL quilt!

Nina Clotfelter