Feather Play

Feather Play

Friday, November 22, 2019

How do YOU make Lemonade?

How do YOU make Lemonade?

Have you ever had a GREAT idea....
You're SO excited you just plow right into the project idea?  (Without much planning!)


There was this fabric I had made...
This FABULOUS idea came to me after my son proposed to his girlfriend!  I would need a Christmas stocking for her at my house!  LET'S DO THIS!

Ok, She really liked this fabric a lot, and it was made with her favorite colors in mind!  (I had NO idea what I'd ever do with this fabric...but it was super fun to make!)
Let's make her a Christmas stocking out of this really cool fabric!!!

So, I got one of our Christmas stockings out and cut around it adding a seam allowance.  
You need a FRONT


This is what I cut in ALL my excitement about this GREAT IDEA!

 Say it with me....

2 FRONTS!!!!

Laugh with me....(after I had my "OH SH_ _!" moment)

You see...this fabric was only 21" square,
it took a while to make,
I didn't have enough fabric to make more!


I had told my daughter it was a shame you lost the design of the top fabric in the process of making this fabric, It really was a cool fabric with fish and starfish on it.  The little bit that was left of that fabric was JUST enough to make Lemonade with!  Now people would be able to see what the fabric looks like!  This fabric was quilted so I could then cut...

Say it with me...


And now the 2 stockings could be made complete!!!

Why do I need 2 of the exact same stocking though?
I was going to carry her stocking with me when I teach and show as a sample...Now I have a permanent sample and a stocking that totally belongs to my precious future Daughter In Law!!!

This was a HAPPY ACCIDENT!  
Making Lemonade brings out the creative juices in us and pushes us to come up with a solution!


Sew the pieces of life together,
They make a BEAUTIFUL quilt!

Nina Clotfelter

What a STRANGE year...

What a STRANGE year!

I'll make this short!

I had been a caretaker for my Dad for 6.5 years...he passed August 6, 2018.
Eight months later....April 8, 2019, my Mom passed.
(They were divorced for 41 years...just saying...)

I became an educator for WonderFil Threads!
Our Daughter and family moved back to town, no longer 5 hours away...just 2 minutes away now!
Our Son is now Stateside, was in Japan for 2 years, engaged and getting married in February!

It's been emotional on many different levels, in many different ways.
I'm back to doing what I LOVE...TEACHING!
I'm booking teaching engagements into 2020 & 2021 now, and I'm super thrilled!!!
Teaching is what I was meant to do!!!

Sew the pieces of life together,
they make a BEAUTIFUL quilt!

Hope to see you soon!!!

Nina Clotfelter

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Quilting on Leather!

Quilting on Leather!

Please let me share with you my newest adventure!


Oh my!!!

This is SO MUCH FUN!!!

Quilt on it!
Embroider on it!
Stitch built in designs on it!


Here's some leather journal covers I've made

Quilting on leather is SO rewarding!!!

When you get a chance to take a class...
DO IT!!!

And YES!!!
I'm going to be teaching working with leather!

Quilting on it!
Embroider on it!
Stitch decrotive stitches on it!


Sew the pieces of life together!
They make a BEAUTIFUL quilt!

Nina Clotfelter

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Galactic Bouqet Con't

Galactic Bouqet

Let's see how she came out...

As the thread painting continued, 
And the Bouqet continued to grow and bloom,
The fun was ENORMOUS!!!!

This project took SOOO many hours!
But it was SOOO worth it!

Here we go!....

Here the table and vase were added.
My daughter is terrific with colors and she chose teal for the vase.
it still needed something...
My husband suggested metallic thread...
I just so happened to have the matching metallic thread!

And the vase turned out BEAUTIFUL!
It's always a TEAM effort!

I'm sure you've noticed the 1/2" grid drawn on the background!
YES!  It's insane!
BUT...here we go!
(And let me just add...it's not usually recommened
to sell a machine half way through a project!
Yes, I sold my Tiara and bought Bernina Q20 and this point into this.)

A close up of the center of the Daisy...
Then crystals were added. 

And may I present to you...
The completed...
Galactial Bouqet

This was an amazingly fun thread painting project!

Thread painting can be anything you want it to be!
Branch out and try something new!

Just know that when you have 
an idea in your head...
It will most likely change as you work
on your project.
Listen to these award winning quilters...
each one says they didn't know exactly how 
the design would be in the end.

Trust your instinct!
Trust yourself!

Sew the pieces of life together!
They make a BEAUTIFUL quilt!

Nina Clotfelter

Monday, April 9, 2018

Galactic Bouqet

Galactic Bouqet

I thought it would be fun to share what I've been working on...

Thread Painting
Whole cloth
Grid work

And it's been SO much fun!

First I drew out my design
(I had already started quilting...sorry!)

Here's a better picture
I had the idea of putting the vase on a table...
so that is the line on the vase.

Here come some leaves...

Isn't the background a great piece?!
A friend of mine hand dies fabric
and I just had to HAVE this piece!

I started adding the additional flowers,
and the background grid.
This grid is a HALF inch grid!

I did a base of soft pink on each flower.
Then I'll add a different color on top
of each one,
so each will be slightly different in color.

So now the flowers are changing...

I'm thinking I will add a yellow center to the Daisy,
then add some yellow whispy things at the top of the bouqet...
We'll see....
Those will be last.
Next I'll do the vase and table!
get that grid going on the background...
That one will be a lot of work!

So many times when you start with a design
in your head,
or an idea...
please be open to the changes that
WILL come about as you create!
GO with it...
Follow your instinct!

Sew the pieces of life together!
They make a BEAUTIFUL quilt!

Nina Clotfelter

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Missouri Star Quilt Co.


I'm in Missouri teaching...
there are a few empty days between teaching jobs...
a friend and I went to ...

Missouri Star Quilt Co!

This is a full day experience 
and SO MUCH FUN!!!


Here's the main store

 So open and welcoming

You have to sign in and get your pass...
this makes your purchases at all the different stores a breeze!

 There are life trueisms all over the stores!

The store of FLORAL fabrics
 They had the cutest lights!

 Each store has it's OWN personality!

 The sides of the buildings are painted
 We ate lunch here...
FABULOUS burgers!
 The side of the building was painted...
 Another building painted!
 Did you know they have a retreat center?
 ALL the street lights have a different saying

 A map to know where you are...
Or where you need to go next!
The whole town is only ONE block!

I'll post more next time...
WAY too much for 1 posting!
A FUN day though!!!

Sew the pieces of life together!
They make a BEAUTIFUL quilt!

Nina Clotfelter

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Block #8 NQC Quilt Block Challenge

NQC Quilt Block Challenge

Block #8
Alicyone Star

This is a quilt designed by Gina Perkes
9 Blocks
1 per week
Get on Facebook and join the group!
The quilt is BEAUTIFUL!!!
(I DO have Gina's permission to post about the dies!)

Gina has some additional files and videos...
WELL WORTH reading and watching!

We're ALMOST there!!!!
These blocks have been SO much FUN!!!


Since our blocks are a finished 16" block,
Again, our dies come from the 8" GO! Qube.
I used die #1, #3, #4
(Other dies available will be posted at the end of this blog.)

Let's start cutting our fabrics...

Fabric A:

The directions say 
cut 4 - 4.5" squares.
Die #1
do this.

The directions say:
Cut 2 - 5.25" squares then subcut them.
We will use Die #4
cut 8 - 4" fin. QST.


The directions say to 
cut 2 - 5.25" squares and subcut them.
we're using Die #4 to
cut 8 - 4" fin. QST.

Directions say to 
cut 1 - 4 7/8" x 9 3/4" rectangle
We're using Die #4 to
cut 4 - 4" fin. QST


The directions say to 
cut 1 - 5.25" square and subcut
We're using Die #4 to 
cut 4 - 4" fin. QST


Directions say to 
cut 2 - 5.25" squares and subcut
We're using Die #4 to
cut 8 - 4" fin. QST


Directions say to 
cut 1- 4.5" square
Do this 
using Die #1


The directions say to 
cut 1 - 4 7/8' x 9 3/4" rectangle
We're using Die #4 to
cut 4 - 4" fin. QST

Directions say to
cut 2 - 4.75" squares and subcut
We're using Die #3 to
cut 4 - 4" fin. HST.

I'm out of town right now
and don't have my dies and cutter.
I will post the pictures of this block going together Monday.


GO! - #55060
Studio - #50748, #50123, #50015
Sizzix - #657626

4.5" half square triangle (HST)
4" finished:
GO! - #55031
Studio - #50270
Sizzix - #657609

4.5" quarter square triangle (QST)
4" finished:
GO! - #55316
Studio - #50365
Sizzix - didn't find.
(Sizzix has several QST without block measurements, 
so it might be there.)

(All dies are straight from the brand website)

Keep those BEAUTIFUL blocks coming!
You're each doing an AMAZING job!!!

Sew the pieces of life together!
They make a BEAUTIFUL quilt!

Nina Clotfelter